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Launch Day

Introduction To Entrepreneurship

Know the importance of a good team and then apply it to make your own teams amazon movies.

Know Your Team

Basic orientation along with some necessary information about the course herunterladen.

Think Day

Design Thinking Workshop

Dive deep into the world of Design Thinking and learn tools & techniques to think about your idea komoot offline karte herunterladen. This workshop will help you in building an out of the box thinking around your idea.

Mantra Day

Idea Validation

Hands-on workshop to validate the practicality of your idea and know customer expectations rainbow.

Business Model Canvas

Create an effective one-page Business Model Plan and learn to identify your value propositions, customers, partners, revenue streams, costs etc alle windows 7 updatesen.

Hack Day

Growth Strategy

All about the growth of your startup. Real time strategies and techniques used by an entrepreneur to build their startup.

How to Pitch

This will help you to strengthen your ability of pitching, the most useful aspect for a startup.

Moolah Day

Legal and Compliance

Business can become messy if the requirements of Law of Land is not met. Legal can be tough to understand but a person should have a rough idea about it.

Venture capital

In today’s world, Venture capital (VC) and Angel funds help you to scale your business. Learn what makes you fundable and when to approach what type of funds.

D Day

 Mock Pitches

You get to present the mock pitches to the teams and practice on the same.


Pitching of the idea is very crucial since it will determine the future of the startup. Pitching is done to angel investors, seasoned entrepreneurs. So, with all these in mind are you excited to know further about this workshop held by industry experts?

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